Our Story

ISO LogoAVROTAS is an independent engineering office which provides OEM targeted product development services from first sketch to serial production has been founded on March 2006. In these days where disciplines coalesce, we are basically providing industry independent product development services. We generally provides services to automotive manufacturers and to their suppliers and also to the fields like medical, defense industry, machinery manufacturers. Read More

Kurumsal Company

We are providing optimum design/engineering services to our customers to have fast, low cost and high quality production for the global market, with our team who devoted to work systematicly and scientificly by using the proper methodology, proper staff and proper engineering techniques.

Class AClass A

Class-A Surface Modeling is basically the modeling technique which provides the production quality in order to fulfill the aesthetics demands of the consumer. Class-A Surface Modeling is modeling the exterior parts of any product within / afterwards of Industrial Product Design.