AVROTAS is capable of providing required knowledge, experience, skill and resources for creating systems, devices, parts and lower segments mainly for automotive industry and also for other branches like medical, consumer goods and defense.
AVROTAS is also has the required high-tech tools for the phases like design of the mechanical structures, analyzing of computer aided simulation of these systems, reaching to mass production and sending them to manufacturing.

Product development cycle

Our Design Services during the projects:

+ Analyses of costumer’s expectations and etude
+ Consumer inclinations and defining trends
+ Research of competitors
+ Brainstorming
+ Concept design processes
+ Revising technical adequateness
+ Research of ergonomics
+ Considering costumer’s specific design standards if there is one (Client CAD Methodology)
+ Study of product’s technical, production, assembly and cost expectations and reflecting these to design process
+ Pre-material selecting – Checking structural specifications according to the selected material
+ Constructive structure stability and evaluating the structure by engineering approach
+ Clarifying, providing and/or 3D modeling of standard parts
+ Class-A surface modeling of the chosen concept
+ Detailed 3D modeling of the complete system.
+ Creating the detailed part designs
+ Defining fixing elements and creating necessary details
+ 3D control of the assembly group and investigating the compatibility
+ Control of mechanical and kinematic interferences
+ Clarifying the unity of the system and accomplishing the detailed part designs

Product development

Projects are carried out in contact and coordination together with the industrial design team during the process. This coordination have great significance for both industrial designers and mechanical designers because during mechanical design and mechanism solution activities, it could be very possible the cosmetic-style-shell design could to be changed within the framework of manufacturing-production criterias.

During these phases, process is constantly checked / confirmed by rapid prototyping when needed. Thus in order to optimize the design required feedbacks are gathered and design quality is brought to desired level with optimum costs.
All you need to benefit from our Product Design Services is to send an e-mail to info@avrotas.com