Class-A Surface Modeling is basically the modeling technique which provides the production quality in order to fulfill the aesthetics demands of the consumer. Class-A Surface Modeling is modeling the exterior parts of any product within / afterwards of Industrial Product Design.

In today’s competitive markets in most of the sectors, use of Class-A surface modeling in any product became compulsory in order to fulfill the aesthetics and quality demands of the consumers and also to prominence amongst the products with the similar properties. Developing computer aided design and production technologies made it possible to obtain this quality in reasonable costs.

The distinguishing factor on defining the different surface model qualities is the quality of transitions of the borders within the surfaces that forms the model and between the common borders amongst them and their adjacent surfaces. In common terminology the transition qualities are classified as C0/G0, C1/G1 and C2/G2. C0/G0 means point continuous; C1/G1 means tangent continuous and C2/G2 means curvature continuous. Class-A qualified surfaces mean that they are in C2/G2 quality.
Certainly, according to the designed product the surfaces that should be Class-A quality may include sharp edges depending on the designer’s choice. However these borders should be drawn as according to other parameters such as techniques that will be used in the production of the product. For example in deep drawing process, a part should at least have C1 continuity everywhere. Class-A quality should be applied to exterior panels of an automobile whereas Class-B quality will be sufficient for the surfaces e.g. flanges which connect these panels to the body.
Therefore in today, Class-A surfaces are not just used in exterior panels of automobiles as thought, they became standards in the use of the consumer products (e.g. tooth brush, mobile phones, home appliances or sinks) from smallest to biggest. We are always with you to provide your demands in this area with our proficient staff.

Class-A Surface Modeling 2

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