We work on the static, dynamic, electronic, mechanic, machinery and trim part designs of land, sea, air vehicles, Airplane/Helicopter Electronic Warfare and Sensors, Rocket, Missile and Ammo systems and we also analyze the required ergonomics of these designs. Additionally we work on the design process of custom use systems.


In each of the defense systems, there are standards and regulations that composed of definitions of requirements like service life, usage and ergonomics. We can fulfill all these custom standards of the targeted project and their verification during the process with our Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in all our designs. We can also do the validation of the subject system with the test companies who are proficient at this subject if needed.


As AVROTAS we work with proficient and experienced staff and companies on the subjects like material, ergonomics, standards and computer aided engineering in our projects, thus increasing our efficiency. We value standardization within our company and institutionalization for providing the best quality to our customers.

Defense Systems and Some Components

Land Vehicles
Vehicle – Automobile, Armored Custom Vehicles
Tank and Tracked Vehicles
Sea Vehicles
Amphibious Ship
Assault Boat
Warfare Ship
Air Vehicles
Helicopter, Airplane
Unmanned Air Vehicles
Air Vehicles Modernization, Integration
Airplane, Helicopter Electronic Warfare and Sensors
Rocket, Missile and Ammo

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