We are providing design/engineering project services to our customers to have fast, low cost and high quality production for the global market, working systematicly and scientificly by using the proper methodology, proper staff and proper engineering techniques.

AVROTAS accomplishes its services by using the world high-tech tools. Thus combining experience with the proper software and hardware, it creates efficiency and easiness in accomplishing costumers’ expectations. We provide project services in the the global market by combining proper methodology, proper staff and proper engineering in order to create fast, low cost and qualified production.

We can fulfill the requirements demanded in product development services within our team and if needed as well as with our project partners. We reduce the costs of the product development process by using our 3D design and rapid prototyping services instead of high cost real life trials thus keeping the cost of product development process on an optimum level.

The projects we carry out together with our partner in Germany for Turkey and Germany markets, enable us to trafnsfer know-how from abroad and also by using internet-based communication technologies we set up location free associations thus helping us to develop our methodologies in this field.

Product Design and Development Services:

Avrotas Services

+ Design Services

+ Industrial Design
+ Class A Surface Modeling
+ Trim Part Design
+ Mechanical Design
+ Mechanism Solutions

+ Engineering and Analyses
+ Quality Control and Reverse Engineering
+ Rapid Prototyping
+ 3D Scan

The product development services we have mentioned above can be summarized as industrial design of the product, mechanical detailing, completing engineering analyses, making the prototype and finally reach to mass production phase after required tests.
The crucial attributes of product design and development process are fulfilling the customer’s visual and functional demands in an optimum way, reducing the production costs, minimizing the production period, increasing the quality of the products and maintaining the anticipated service life of the product.
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