Components like appearance, suitability for the target group of the designed and developed products are determined at the industrial design phase. As the product matures swiftly with the contributions of the mechanical designer, it enables to exhibit the proper product and properties of the product.

Mechanical Design is maybe the most important factor in product development process. Factors like predicting details of the product that could occur in the future with the industrial designer at the beginning and afterwards evaluating the production criteria have an essential role in the process.

Software that is going to be used in the mechanical design phase is really important. Use of high-tech resources with an experienced staff enables to create a product in 3D platform in a short period.

Mechanical Design

In Product Development process mechanical design should be carried out simultaneously with the engineering operations as it is in the industrial design phase. Factors like material selection, mechanic properties, production methods etc. should be evaluated and analyzed in 3D computer aided design platform before the production phase. All these details are solved in mechanical design phase.
Within this context, products which are good in industrial design but lack in mechanical design will only fulfill the appearance demands however they will not be enough as functional, material and user friendliness thus it will not represent a complete product.

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