It helps you to understand and check the performance of the product in digital platform by using the analysis-simulation with the flexibilities of the digital world instead of making physical prototypes. By this means; the design – project engineer can analyze behavior of the part/product/system and make the required adjustments in the beginning of the design process. These adjustments and optimizations which has been made in the beginning of the process enable the desired design to be achieved in shorter time and lower cost.
The competition in the global market has forced designers and manufacturers on the subject of “proper design at the beginning”. In order to achieve this aim, designers have to comprehend the performance and the quality of the product in the beginning of the design process. Making of physical prototypes in order to decrease the iterations in the design causes money and times losses. On the contrary, use of simulations and analyses of 3D models made in digital platform can speed up the design process. Thus, any required adjustments can be done to 3D models in digital platform and adequate number of detailed and comprehensive tests can be applied. Desired product will be achieved in a shorter time with lower cost when the physical prototype of the final 3D model is made and analyzed through adequate tests.

Analysis tasks that we perform:

+ Heat Transfer Analysis
+ Vibration Analysis
+ Structural Analysis
+ Aerodynamic Analysis
+ Drop Analysis
+ Fatigue Analysis
+ Mechanism Dynamics Analysis

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